Planning your wedding can be even more stressful than the day itself.

Working out your budget for things like dresses, invitations, entertainment, photographers, venue and planner costs is a big task in and of itself. Not to mention, the cost of the wedding rings themselves!

The aim of this quick guide is to go over how much wedding rings cost and what to expect when you are budgeting for them.

How much do wedding rings cost?

Wedding rings can cost anywhere from as little as £70 to as much as £2500. It all depends on the design of the ring, metal used, and whether or not you have chosen.

Are wedding rings cheaper than engagement rings?

Yes! Wedding rings are not as expensive as engagement rings, where traditionally men are expected to spend up to 3 months’ salary. This is because engagement rings usually feature a diamond or a different type of gem or intricate detailing. Wedding rings are traditionally less complicated in nature, such as a plain wedding band or featuring only small diamonds.

The cost of wedding rings

As we mentioned earlier, the cost of wedding rings will depend on factors such as the precious metal used, the setting design, the size and number of diamonds and where you actually buy the ring.

On the lower end of the price range, you can buy plain wedding rings in 9ct yellow, rose and white gold for under £100. Platinum wedding rings are more expensive due to the nature of this precious metal.

Another factor to consider is the width and depth of a wedding ring. Because thicker wedding bands will require more metal, they will therefore cost more. Thinner rings are a suitable option if you don’t have a big budget.

The most common price range for wedding rings is from £300-600. It is a good price range for those going for yellow, rose or white gold. There is a noticeable difference between 9ct and 18ct yellow and rose gold. This is due to the higher level of gold in the 18ct variation, which causes the ring to appear slightly more bright-coloured.

If you have a bigger budget, you might want to opt for “more exquisite” wedding rings, such as platinum rings or bespoke rings with set diamonds. Adding one or more diamonds to your wedding bands will give them an extra bit of sparkle. It’s common for men to add just a small diamond in their wedding ring, which gives it a nice touch.

Platinum rings provide an especially great backdrop for diamonds! The metal itself is naturally hypoallergenic and extremely tough, which makes it an excellent choice for men with active lifestyles. It’s near-identical in appearance to white gold, but unlike white gold you will not need to re-plate it from time to time.

Since most wedding bands are a simple round shape, it might not be ideal if your partner has a uniquely shaped engagement ring. In that case you may wish to look for a bespoke design that will match the shapes and curves of the engagement ring.

When should you buy a wedding ring?

It is recommended that you start to look for your wedding bands around 3-4 months before your wedding day. Ideally, you should have them in hand at least 1 month before your wedding day. This will give you that extra peace of mind, in case the rings need to be resized, take longer to be made or shipped.

Who pays for the wedding rings?

Traditionally, the bride would pay for the groom’s wedding ring and get a gift. The groom would then pay for the engagement ring, as well as a matching wedding band for the bride.

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